Mobile, wireless temperature measurement

An innovation of fiwa)group

A new method for mobile temperature measurement developped by fiwa)group:
PRE-TEMP®. It brings several approaches to increase efficiency and quality.


  • no energy and signal wiring
  • ergonomic transition/ service thru quick-release-system
  • extendible on 2nd temperature measuring and lower body protection

PRE-TEMP® for mobile. wireless temperature measurement


Area of operation

  • Rotary furnace
  • Melting furnace, transport crucible and ladle
  • Launders
  • Allowable surrounding temperature up to 580°C
  • Constructions, where there is no ideal wireless alignment given +/- 30° transmission frequency optimizing


More specifically advantages

  • Usable for different applications by individual mechanical contructions
  • Extendible on 2nd temperatur measuring, identification and lower boby protection
  • Shock and vibration damped mounting of the measuring body
  • No power and signal cabling
  • Secure transmission of values to arbitrary locations
  • Interrogation or recording at any time
  • Up to 16 measuring points per receiver
  • Automatic identification of the measuring points, automatic status message
  • Ergonimic transition thru quick-release-system
  • Durable battery supply (about 1.5 years)
  • Easy maintenance and servicing
  • Plants with much metallic environment, even with intensive building constructions
  • Resistant to liquid metal
  • Outdoor/ Weatherproof
  • Protection against mechanical damage


Alternative: PRE-TEMP® (T161)

The universally useful sensors, respectively, head transmitters, on moveable and fixed locations and plants, open up fully new possibilities at the measure data registration.

Mobile temperature measurement in plants with surrounding temperature up to 200°C




Radio - head transmitter

The head transmitter bound for industrial scope of applications, consists of a measurement converter with integrated transmitting units. The installation in customer specific connection heads is possible. Connections for resistance thermometer, thermo elements and potentiometers are possible.


Receiver unit

The received measures will be transformed here, indicated and are able to function as a digital interface RS485.


Radio - resistance thermometer

The head transmitter bound for industrial scope of applications, consists of a electronic assembly with integrated transmitter-unit. Various designs are available completely with Pt1000 temperature sensor (installation length 1000mm) or with a machine plug.


Block - functional diagramm
for mobile temperature measurement


block functional digram of mobile temperature measurement


Temperature measuring on rotary furnace

Example of application

Task of measuring:
On a rotary furnace should, distributed over five different positioned areas, temperatures measured in the refractory lining. The measured values should be identified and recorded continuously, throughout the complete operating time. Given thru rotation of the furnace chamber, there is no cabling of the transducer possible.


mobile temperature measurement on rotary furnace


Measurement result:

Even thru massive metal surrounding, the receiving and sending quality will not be affected. This is referable, that the measuring module thru a special functionality are designed flexible.



Measure protocol:


Identification and temperature measurement at transport crucible

Two functions in one tag

Temperature measurement with optional identification

Knowing the temperature values of the whole process, starting from heating up to delivery to the customer, means high delivery quality!


PRE-TEMP® with ram protection Foto of PRE-TEMP® PRE-TEMP® at crucible
PRE-TEMP® with ram protector   PRE-TEMP® at crucible


Identification and localization of the heat retention and transport crucible. Determination of quality status and history.


  TAG at crucible Transport crucible at the reading station
  Tag at crucible Transport crucible at the reading station


The user will be featured nearly all operational data, through the mentioned functional principle!


Advantages of the patented procedure

  • Avoiding sources of error
  • Shorter distances
  • Increase efficiency at and between production stations
  • Batch traceability
  • Quality assurance
  • Quality improvement



Peter Geiwagner

+49 8677 884-190



For further examples of operation of the identification please also read the article Wireless communication using RFID, RFID-Technology on heated holding crucibles and Innovations for the metal-producing and metalworking industry